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"This was an excellent course. I feel that I learned what I need to fulfill my new career in child care and hoping I will never need to use it."

"It was very informative, I enjoyed the practice and your presentation.
Well done, Very interesting !"

"The course and instructor were understandable. It was also very fun and interesting"

"It was nice to have a relaxed informal but very informative course all at once. Feel like you can ask questions with ease"

"I really enjoyed the class and found any questions were answered completely"

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course - particularly the instructor's casual and relaxed approach"

" the course was very informative and easy to follow. I wouldn't change anything. Having a limited number of people made the instructor demonstrations very easy to see and follow. We were given the opportunity to practice as much as we wanted"

"Terrific Job ! Felt no pressure or stress. Able to absorb your instructions. I particularly enjoyed the "heart attack and stroke" info"

" I found the instructor to be very knowledgeable. He also kept it relaxed and enjoyable."

"Trainer combined personal events with the material needed to be learned, which made the course more interesting"

"This was a "kick a**" presentation, I'll be in contact with you regarding other training!"