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Confined Space Rescue - Awareness

Course Goal

To provide first responders with basic knowledge of confined space rescue hazards and procedures.


Due to the low frequency of confined space rescue incidents, there is a high risk of injury to first responders.  Firefighters and first responders must be aware of the hazards when dealing with confined spaces. 2/3 of all confined space fatalities are would be rescuers.

Pre-requisites:          Previous training and experience in

S.C.B.A.   /S.A.R.                     Emergency Communications             Rope, and Rigging  Incident Command                               Hazardous Materials                             Fall Restraint

Pre-course Study: 

Topics listed in course pre-requisites.

Course Duration:  (4 hours)

Delivery Modes (Methodology)  Lecture/discussions, videos


Upon successful completion, the student will receive a Safety and Compliance certificate entitled “Confined Space Rescue – Level 1 - awareness”

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